IoTaWatt clearances for recessed installation

My US main electric service panel is in a finished basement room, recessed between the wall studs, with drywall around it. I’ve been trying to figure out an appropriate recessed enclosure to mount two IoTaWatts inside. I just received the IoTaWatts today and I measured the bare minimum clearances to fit the two stacked one on top of the other, with rubber feet and all cables attached:

54mm x 153mm x 159mm
(2.13" x 6.00" x 6.25")

This doesn’t include the AC transformers or USB power adapters, and another challenge I have is the space near the panel is limited. There is a bit of space below the panel (368mm / 14.5" wide, 200mm / 8" high), but not much to the left (280mm / 11") or right (190mm / 7.5"). Additionally, there is a piece of flex conduit coming into the bottom of the panel so that reduces the available space to maybe 165mm / 6.5" wide below the panel.

Has anyone successfully used right-angle 3.5mm adapters on the CTs to reduce this further? Has anyone else mounted an IoTaWatt or two inside a recessed box?