Iotawatt crashing

My iotawatt has crashed several times in the last month. Or at least the interface has as I’m still getting notifications on Hubitat but hubitat polling at that point is limited as Hubitat can’t see the interface properly. I can reach the web interface but it takes a while and that’s it. No controls work. The only solution is to power cycle. In a week or 2 time it happens again. Rinse and repeat. Last time I had to restart was the 12th. Here are the logs. Any suggestions would be welcome. Please let me know any other info you may need. I do see in the log several disconnections but I’m not sure why. I checked the logs for my AP’s (unifi ap-ac pros) and they haven’t cycled or cut out for any reason.

Hubitat side. As you can see it cannot see the interface.

Current firmware.

Looking at the message log, I see that the unit becomes disconnected from the AP and reconnects every few days. When that happens, it is connecting to a different AP with a different channel. I see connections to channels 1, 6 and 11. That would cause the problems that you are seeing. I also use ubiquiti APs. You can fix a device to a particular AP which should resolve this issue.

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Yeah I have 3 AP’s in the house. I’ll try to bind the device and keep an eye on things.

BTW/ it appears you have split-phase mains which implies you are North America. Your IoTaWatt time zone is set to +5 but for instance US Eastern Time is -5. You might want to check and correct if necessary.

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Thanx for catching that. I corrected it to -5. That’s not something I’d normally miss, lol. Thank you. In the mean time I put an SSID on the closest AP just for the iotawatt. I’ll see how it goes and report any success or failures. Thanx!

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