IotaWatt in Japan

I’m interested in monitoring power consumption at my apartment here in Tokyo, but I’m not sure about using IotaWatt with the Japanese power system. For my case, I’m in East Japan, so the electricity is 50Hz.

Here’s a photo of my wall panel:

Basically, I have a 40A main breaker now (Although I’m looking into upgrading this to 50A ). Then there’s mainly 100V/ 20A breakers, plus a couple of special 200V connections for specific appliances (Split AC and Induction stove). I’m not too familiar with the electrical stuff, but I believe the 100V lines are all single phase, and the 200V ones are using split-phase as in this link: 200V電気工事|ぐっと ずっと。WEB|中国電力

Would the North American (120V) bundle work for me? Or is IotaWatt not something I could use at all? Thanks for any help :bowing_man:

Yes, North American bundle would work fine. You can use 50A CTs for everything, but check the size of your 2 mains cables. If they are more than 10mm in diameter you will need the 100A x 16mm CTs for that.

50Hz is not a problem at all.