IoTaWatt integration with Hubitat Elevation Home Automation


I have successfully created a Hubitat Elevation Device Driver for the IoTaWatt. This integration allows the Hubitat home automation system to make decisions based on the current power values for each of the 14 CTs. This permits things like automated notifications via SMS messaging or Text To Speech when the Washer or Dryer cycle is complete. Also, the IoTaWatt data can easily be displayed on the Hubitat Dashboards.

One of the great things about the Hubitat Elevation platform is that it is developed and supported by a team of dedicated and innovative USA engineers very similar to IoTaWatt’s @overeasy. Hubitat’s focus is on local processing and data privacy, with options for cloud connectivity. This is very similar to the IoTaWatt philosophy.

For me, IoTaWatt + Hubitat is a great combination. I am looking forward to seeing what I can dream up now that the two are linked via a local LAN connection. Perhaps notifying me if my son’s computer is not properly using power savings? :wink: He likes to run his gaming rig at the MAX Performance Power Savings setting, instead of letting Windows save some energy when the system is idle…

Here is my corresponding post over on the Hubitat Community site.

More information about Hubitat is available at