Iotawatt internal database as grafana datasource?

I know we can pump datapoints to InfluxDB and others, but iotawatt has an internal database. I want to know what it is and how to get access to it to be a grafana data source. Why? As a minimalist, I would rather not launch a new service in my house (InfluxDB, etc) if one is already running on the device. Thanks

The IoTaWatt datalog(s) are not third party, they were designed for minimum storage and optimized retrieval of IoTaWatt measurements. That said, there is a published API that can be used to query it.

ahh thank you for that link. I just received my iotawatt last night and played with it a bit today, so haven’t had a chance to read all the docs yet.

Looks like you’re providing CSV output to queries, I might be able to make the CSV data source Grafana plugin work with it: