Iotawatt not connecting anymore

So I noticed this morning that my unit wasn’t connected. I went and looked at it and sure enough flashing between green and red. So I pulled power on it for 2 mins and plugged it back in. Still wasn’t connecting to wifi. (Note: I’ve not touched my wifi in a while or changed SSID’s).

Pull power for 2 mins again. Power back up and see that the iotawatt is NOT broadcasting the private SSID it normally would when you cycle it like that. Tried several times. Not sure where to go from here.

Can you put that into this context?

Green red red… I guess SD Card failure. Is there a procedure to move the git hub files onto an SD Card? (I’m assuming it’s the SD card because I’ve never had the unit apart to remove it so unlikely the port/slot) I’ll start with reading the card though…

Got new SD card and loaded up the firmware. All good now. The one that was in there is dead as a doornail… I’ve never seen an SD card die like that… (finite writes?)

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