Iotawatt not updating charts and Influx


Recently one of mine devices stopped updating both its internal database (graphs are empty) and a remote influx instance.

Its still reading current from the circuits, if I look trough the status page:

Logs are also increasing, but if I look at it trough the graph service or try to get data from the API, I get empty results.

I can’t pinpoint the issue to any specific update. Tried several different firmware updates. This is my config file.

config.txt (4.3 KB)

I have a spare device I can use, but I would like to use this one to try to retrieve the data from the logs.

Thanks in advance.

It looks like datalog damage. I see that your history log goes back to 2019 but the current log was apparently deleted on July 22.

Can you graph something using “this year” period to see where the data goes to zero?

Thanks for the reply overeasy.

I forgot to mention, I did try to fix by deleting the file on July 22nd.

I can get the chart to work if the end data is bellow May 8th. Past that date it doesn’t work.


I also have a spare Iotawatt, any chance o replacing it and transfering the data?

I would like to try recovering at least some of the data, but if not possible I might try to just copy the config file to the spare unit.

Thanks in advance.

The datalogs are bad. You can copy the config file. There are two ways:

  • Remove the SDcards and copy config.txt.

  • Download config.txt from the old unit and upload it to the other as config+1.txt.