IoTaWatt & OpenEnergyMonitor 100A max clip-on current sensor CT support?


I have 12 x 100A max clip-on current sensor CT in my current switchboard installed and am looking for now the next step in the install, which is an emonPi or emonBase. It’s been a while since I was researching this stuff, but came across the IoTaWatt unit that could take all inputs into a single unit and make for a decent install + also has Wifi, which is perfect…

So my question is - does the IoTaWatt support the standard 100A CT sensors (URL: ) that OpenEnergyMonitor sells on their webshop? I have already installed 12 of them and have 4 spare… so looking to use them. So it would be either 1 x IoTaWatt or 3 x emonTX.

Any thoughts and/or inputs would be greatly appreciated… oh, and I am in Victoria in Australia.

Thanks in advance…


Those are YHDC SCT013-000. I have one in my panel. They are fully supported by IoTaWatt.

Note: While those CTs have diodes to protect them from excessive voltage when not connected, it’s generally considered risky to rely on that for any length of time. If you have them installed but not connected to anything, I’d suggest you short them. I’ve used a strip of aluminum foil snugly around the connection jacks. You can then remove the foil when you have an IoTaWatt or emonTX to connect to.

That’s great! Will get an IoTaWatt then… gather that one would need the two power supplies also in the main box, correct?

As for shorting… will get that done this morning then… was relatively easy with your tip!

But thanks for the help… very useful… and great if could consolidate all the CT’s onto one box, which this will then do!

Pick Those up locally with Aus plugs. Link to source in stuff website under Aussie bundle.