Iotawatt posting to Influx running in Home assistant

Hello community,

do you think that is possible to send data from Iotawatt to Influxdb running locally in a Homeassistant in a Raspberry Pi 4?
I was reading also topic regarding send data via MQTT to another system or Homeassistant.
what is your opinion, to continue investigating sending data via Influx or trying via MQTT?
it will be very nice for me to can add data from Iotawatt on Homeassistant; if someone have experience with this,please share.

What do you want to do with the data in HA?
I just started using HA and it looks interesting, I haven’t looked at how HA uses InfluxDB, but I have seen how OpenHAB uses it. Each of these systems wants to be the “owner” of the data and give you the ability to convert data from some other format into something HA (or OH, or whatever) can understand and use,

I finally took the time to understand how IotaWatt uses InfluxDB and found that it allows a lot of flexibility in configuration of how it stores the data. From there, I am using Grafana to get usable graphs and statistics so I can understand my consumption. I don’t use the data from IotaWatt for control. I have sensors (using Tasmota mostly) for that and I use Node-RED for controlling things. I found OH to be not really worth it (for me, lots of people love it).

I plan on doing some control in HA to see if it can make anything easier. Most most complex (and not really that complex) are:

  1. Control of dehumidification of basement and calculate the energy consumption and efficiency (by measuring the water removed). The hardest part is calculating the efficiency.
  2. Control of shower fan. It is actually fairly simple, comes on when the humidity rises quickly or goes above 70% (mostly it triggers on 70%). It stays on until the humidity drops below 50% or stays “constant” for about 30min.

So, mostly I find the graphing in Grafana to be a good choice. It has a LOT of flexibility. It also has some bugs, so it is important to be current.

There has been talk of using the web API (via Node-RED) to provide data to HA. I have not seen any examples of this yet, but I suspect it is not too hard to do.