IoTaWatt + Shell EM in Home Assistant?

About to get my IoTaWatt installed which will give me Grid, Solar and the major appliances (oven, spa, pool, A/C etc) into Home Assistant, but I’m wanting to get a finer breakdown of items that are on a single circuit (dryer, NAS, Computers etc). If I get a Shelly EM installed behind the GPO for these devices would that give me a reasonably accurate view? I assume I can subtract these from the IoTaWatt totals in Home Assistant?

If you need more than 14 circuits Weigh up the cost of a second iotawatt vs using Shelly devices.

In theory though, if you can get the data into the same bucket you can do the necessary maths.

Shelly EM – Power Monitoring in Grafana / Influx | Mat's Hideout Has an overview of what is needed to get the Shelly data into influx db.

The second IoTaWatt won’t let me monitor different outlets/devices on the same circuit though. Thanks for the link!

I think the simple answer is Yes. I am yet to setup an iotawatt but I use smart switches plugged into the wall that my fridge goes into, the dishwasher, the dryer, washing machine, etc.

Big fan of what adding Influx to the mix lets you do. Homeassistant is still a bit weak in the energy department (not following negative energy convention as an example).