IoTaWatt stuff now available in US and Canada


The ECS24200 has a 24mm opening.

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a quick question, it’s 1 shipping charge for the entire kit ?
Shipping quoted is for the entire order.




Just purchase the kit (yesterday) with 12 CT’s.

I wondering, if the 20 $ intl. Flat rate, is it using USPS ?
If yes, OK for me. If you intend to use UPS, Fedex,… Can i change shipping to USPS and paid the difference ? (would be cheaper than paid the overcharge UPS and FEDEX charge for the so-called customs fee… that are there broker fee only, added to our GST and PST).


It’s usps international first-class. Typically a week or so. Should go out tomorrow.


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Hi Overeasy.
1.- Can you send packages to México?.
2.- From what amount can the price of the IotaWatt be improved?. What is the wholesale price?.


Yes, you should be able to order from IoTaWatt Stuff