IoTaWatt stuff now available in US and Canada

IoTaWatt Stuff is the new online store where you can order an IoTaWatt and related accessories. I’m currently servicing the USA and Canada. Access the store at

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Hi Overeasy. I’m looking to join the IoTaWatt community. Being from Australia I’m looking to import a unit and I just noticed that you now have a store in the US.

Do you still ship the units from the UK, or are they distributed from the US? It looks a lot cheaper to buy from the US and have them sent to Australia.



I am in the same boat as swhitmore. Keen to find the most economical way to import the unit to Australia.

I am assuming that getting CTs off YHDC from Alibaba is the most economical way to get them in Australia.

I notice that appears to only supply a US transformer and voltage sensor. Being 120V in the US we would be better off getting the base unit and finding our own power supplies and voltage sensors.

Some quick currency conversions EX shipping
iotawatt_com Base unit only $216 AUD
openenergymonitor_org $217 AUD (includes SD card AU power supply and UK Voltage sensor) {signed shipping $37}

CT Clamp AUD ex shipping)
alibaba x20 SCT-013-000 $123
iotawatt_com x14 $164
openenergymonitor_org SCT-013-000 x 14 $201

@swhitmore, @MrEGuy,

I can appreciate your eagerness to get an IoTaWatt. In answer to the question about still shipping from the UK, the folks at OpenEnergyMonitor have been reselling IoTaWatt for almost a year now, and have a mature infrastructure for servicing a global customer base. That’s not easy to do.

For the immediate future, I intend to develop North American sales. There have also been inquiries by others to service global markets, and at least one in Australia. But if you want to get a unit now, OEM is your best bet, or order from IoTaWatt Stuff if you can provide a US shipping address.


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I ordered my IoTaWatt yesterday. Looking forward to receiving it in a few days. Thank you for shipping it so quickly!

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When you said that you want to develop North American Sales, are you meaning “only USA” ?

For now, i can’t see any “canada” shipping option on you’re site. So purchase from the european store seem the only option offer to me right now.

Other question, if Canada become available in you’re business plan, i strongly suggest to you use US post as a delivery method. UPS and other big brand charge 50-100 $ for custom fee (for their own profit) + all applicable tax. US Post deliver to Canada Post, and Canada Post only charge all apply taxes (no extra 50-100$)

Working on Canada. I do use USPS. Some folks have had me ship to US address. The OEM option is always there, but the US source is certified to UL and CSA standards.

When it will be available to ship in canada? (aprox)

Shooting for sometime in October.

Once available, just advise :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, if i want to monitor my electrical heater (240v), can just use one donut, and there is an option to adjust that in the software?

Probably. If it doesn’t use a neutral wire and have a 120V fan.

Store should now accept Canadian orders. Shipping is expensive, but I don’t know what I can do about it.

Not very expensive ! It’s look like any other shipping method i pay when order from US

Hi Overeasy,I have checked your website to order a system for my house but would like to order a custom mix of parts, is this even possible? My main circuit breaker is 100AMP and your kit has a 200AMP current transformers is it possible to order two 100AMP split core current transformers instead? I would also like to add 12 x 50AMP solid core current transformers @ $6.00 each. Please let me know if this is possible.


Yes it is. The site is the usual shopping cart setup and all of the components can be selected a-la-carte.

It is. I’m pretty sure you can add a note at checkout so just ask for the substitution, or send me a PM here in the forum and I’ll do that.
A word of caution though. The 100A CT has a 16mm (5/8") hole. If your entrance cable is aluminum, that may not fit. The 200A ECS24200 has a 24mm hole. Also, unlike the SCT019 200A CT with 6000 turns, the ECS24200 has 4000 turns. Also, it has very good phase shift characteristics, especially at the low-end - better than the ECS16100 and way better than the SCT013-000. So I guess what I’m saying is that I would recommend you use the ECS24200.

Again, you can add them to the cart. The way this site works is you add one ECOL09 to the cart, then increase the quantity in the cart.


So I ordered the IotaWatt unit and two 200AMP current transformers and 12 ECOL09 50AMP current transformers, and everything arrived two days later! The quality of the IotaWatt controller is exceptional and very well designed. There is one problem though…I thought the small current transformers were 50AMP but when they arrived they are labeled 20AMP (30AMP MAX), is this a misprint on the web site?


There was some confusion when I ordered the eChun ECOL09 solid core CTs last time. I wanted 1000:1 ratio and so the only choice at the time was 20A/20ma. The basic device however is the same regardless of the maximum amperage printed. I tested them and they work fine to 50A.

I have since resolved this with Echun and the next batch, due in this Wednesday, will be marked 50A/50ma and I believe 50A max. If you would like to have those, I can send you replacements with a return shipping label.

Thanks for the offer but the transformers I received should work as I do not have any large loads on my service panel. I have a gas dryer and stove and the largest breaker (40AMP) is for my solar panels. I have connected the controller to my network and it looks good, I just have to find some time to install the unit and transformers.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Is the ECS24200 work with 1/2 inch (approx) diameter L1 & L2 ? (1.5 cm approx).

I just start mesuring what i need, will probably order this week.
Full kit with 12 x 50 Amp current transformer (not sure yet if i order all of the Split Core, or solid).

a quick question, it’s 1 shipping charge for the entire kit ?