IoTaWatt taking forever to load and often it never does

System worked great the 1st couple of days. I was able to go to (http://iotawatt.local) on both my computer & my phone with out any problems. Now every time I try to log on I get nothing and every once in awhile it loads after several mins of waiting. This system is proving to be pretty unreliable for me. Whats going on anybody know?

Sounds like a WiFi issue, but without more info can’t say. If you know the IP address that is assigned, you can try accessing with that.
Sorry you’re having trouble. If you want to work through it, I should be able to diagnose and resolve.

First off, as in the troubleshooting guide can you report the state of the LED. Then could you power cycle the unit and report the LED states until it goes steady state, hopefully with a dull green glow.

If you can get connected again, I would like to see the message log, which is available through the tools menu of the config application.

Finally, did anything change with respect to the WiFi router and base unit after the initial success? Were either moved, or was the IoTaWatt placed in an enclosure?

Thanks for the quick reply…Im not home right now but I can give you a little more info. Nothing has changed with the wifi since installing iotawatt. The system has been in an enclosure since the install, so that’s nothing new either. I did a power cycle last night and the led status did go to a “flickering” dull green. I was also able to connect after the power cycle. When I get home ill try power cycling again and see what happens. Thx for the help.

BTW the led has the same flickering dull green light prior to the power cycle last night.

That’s good. It means the unit is doing inputs primary job of recording power use. Now we just have to get it to take a few milliseconds here and there to talk to you.

Came home today and surprisingly IoTaWatt loaded up perfectly fine. I changed nothing with the wifi or with the IoTaWatt unit. The message log reads “Heap memory has degraded below safe minimum, restarting”. Its in the message log 6-7 times. Maybe that has something to do with it???

Most likely. Heap memory degradation seems to be associated with WiFi issues. It all happens at a level below the firmware. I would still like to see the message log, preferably the whole thing. You can download it through the tools->file manager app. In the left column will be a list of your file-system. Click the + sign on the iotawatt directory and then right click on iotamsgs.txt, then select download. You can then upload that to the open forum, or post it in a PM (private message) to me.


Ok i’ll do that. Thx

Having trouble logging in again :angry: Maybe Ill try removing the cover on the enclosure since you mentioned that memory issue might be a wifi problem. Would have anything to do with me using all 14 of the inputs?

What kind of enclosure do you have?



One of these.