Iotawatt to AWS (& Influx DB 2.0 alpha)


Few questions not directly related to the iotawatt, but more towards AWS and Influxdb 2.0 alpha.

I have setup a VM in AWS (t3.micro) where I have installed InfluxDB 2.0 alpha. I have not been able to configure the web server on iotawatt to write/post data directly to aws/influxdb 2.0. Not sure if it is the aws or the influxdb 2.0 that is the problem, but perhaps someone here has tried either or both?

On AWS I have setup inbound security groups (tcp 8086 / tcp 9999). On the iotawatt I input public IP of my aws, but write fails.

Anyone with any experience related to AWS and/or influxdb 2.0?


Someone else had a problem with influx on AWS because influx was configured to use HTTPS which IoTaWatt cannot do. Don’t know if/how that was resolved. That’s all I can offer without more detailed information about the failure mode.

I know this is old but I’m running Influxdb and Grafana on a t3.micro. Let me know if you still interested.

Maybe @Bali would be interested in that.