Iotawatt with newer Emoncms versions (v10) with devices module

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a happy user of iotawatt and (older versions - june 2018, v9.8) of emoncms for a couple of years.

I’ve just set up a new emoncms (v10.2) and this has the new devices module. This latter thing appears to only hold a standard set of openenergymonitor devices (and their associated standard inputs, feeds, processes) etc

I wondered if anyone else had come across this and found a suitable resolution to configure the newer emoncms to support iotawatt (idally without manually editing the json devices file).

Many thanks in advance for any input!



I’m currently running 10.1.8 (a bit older) on a Local Raspberry PI 3B+, but have done many upgrades from versions of 9.x to my current running version. I did not have any issues with the upgrade process from the older version to this one. No editing or JSON requirements. Is this a local EMONCms install or hosted?

Are you talking about the “find local devices” feature?

Hi Quella, It is a local install on a Pi3

Hi overeasy,

I don’t think so … it’s on the first set up … when i go to ‘Inputs’, it shows a ‘configure devices’ dialog and then a series of templates on the left hand side. In the older versions, i could simply set up a device and then go and set up relevant inputs … in this version, it all seems template based?

When you configure IoTaWatt to send data to your eMonpi, it should simply create all of the inputs that you have defined under the nodename that you specify in the IoTaWatt setup. IoTaWatt uses numerical input identifiers 0-14 for the inputs. The named inputs that seem to be supported in the device module uses alphanumeric names. That isn’t supported in the bulk upload protocol that IoTaWatt uses. Once IoTaWatt creates the inputs, you can use the inputs menu of eMoncms to define process lists for each input to create feeds.

Near as I can tell, this device module is only a skeleton and for the emontx appears to only configure the first input as a mains, and optionally configure input4 for solar generation as their type1 or type 2 solar. Any additional data you appear to be on your own.

Ah, ok. thanks for that @overeasy … will have a play … must have been very rusty since the original set up

Make sure your IoTaWatt is not still pointing to the old PI instance or IP address and the new EmonCMS instance is not receiving it. IN the event your old setup is still in the config.