IP address in 169.254/16 range and flashing green light

Hi there,
I have the Iota for 18 months now and it never really skipped a beat but a few days ago it stopped working and today I found some time to look at it.
Firstly, I configured my dhcp to always give it the same IP, lets say
So this IP was not reachable anymore. I checked my router and saw that the same MAC address got an IP address from the range 169.254/16, lets say This IP was pingable and I tried to access this IP but wasn’t able to connect to anything even though nmap reported port 80 to be open it would close on me very quickly again.
Next step was opening up my enclosure where the IOTA is hidden and have a look at the LED which was flashing green very quickly at the stage which continued for several hours.
I read that 169.254/16 addresses mean wifi issues but since I was able to ping it unit that doesn’t seem to be valid.
Please advise.

Do you have the original order number or could you private message the name purchased under? This could be one of the bad SDcard batch.

I suspected…

Given that you are reporting no changes to your WiFi environment, there is high probability that you have a defective SDcard. These days, the only problems reported are either WiFi or SDcard, and virtually all SDcard issues stem from that bad batch in Nov-Dec 2022.

If you remove the SDcard and look at the back, it probably matches this:

I would replace the SDcard and see if it resolves your issues: