Is it legal to install an iotawatt inside a meter-box in Australia?

A question for Australian iotawatt users:

I have a large, old meter-box with a lot of spare space.
Is it legal to install the iotawatt (including the 9V & 5V transformers) inside the meter-box?

I’d like to avoid drilling through the walls of the meter-box to add conduit, because they are lined with something which may be asbestos.

(I will get an electrician to do the installation, but I’d like to know what’s involved ahead of time.)

Yes. So long as the Iotawatt is not behind the panel, and you don’t break any distributor seals in the process then it is fine. Mine is in my meter box, I added 2 din rail mounted power points for the 2 plug packs. I’m an electrician and you shouldn’t have to break seals to install.
As for the asbestos possibly in the panel, yes try and avoid drilling through that.

Thanks for the information! It will greatly simplify the install.

You do need to have enough room in the board as well. Depending on age and size and location in Australia there will be different layouts to deal with. Some areas of the meter board are reserved for distributor equipment and are not available for you to use.

The electrician will know whats possible and compliant.

This is what I plan to do in my meter box once I get my sparky mate to come over (I’m in Perth). This is my meter box, plenty of room thankfully. I’ll head over to Jaycar this week and pick up the recommended current reference.

Does the voltage reference matter much? Or will any old USB mobile charger do?

So i would recommend (and from memory I think @overeasy recommends as well) is a raspberry Pi power supply for the 5v supply, and yes the Jaycar power supply for the voltage reference will work good. Personally I use the raspberry pi supply and the Doss adapter from radio parts and these have been running in a warm meter box for 12 months now.

The Doss supply and the raspberry pi supply sit side by side ok with 2 din rail GPO’s with a 1 din space between. Don’t know about the Jaycar physical size though.

The din rail GPO’s are normally 2Din size, you have 5 spare din size on you bottom row so place a 1 din space between then.

As Giraffe said, most distributors reserve their panel area for their equipment, so best bet would be mount it on the metal panel under the circuit breakers.

Photos of mine is here. I’ve placed my Iotawatt on the reserved area, however we have remote meter reads in Victoria so never a meter reader visit, but an inspector I know doesn’t have an issue with placing items like this on the reserved area, just don’t use screws. I’ve used industrial double sided adhesive.

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