Is it possible to receive notifications when the IoTaWatt is down?

Hi, I am new to IoTaWatt, I have recently purchased multiple devices for home monitoring in a research project about two weeks ago.

My question is this, is it possible to set up some notification system on the IoTaWatt when the device is no longer sending data on the server? Or should I do that from the server side?


there is no notification system, however the IoTaWatt will continue the data upload where it left off once service is restored.

Not exactly what you asked, but I send my data the IoTaWatt to and have my “team” set up to alert me when it’s idle for 60 minutes. That let’s me know whenever the IoTaWatt is unable to send data to the internet, either because it is down, or because the network is down.

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If you have a raspberry or something for your home monitoring you could easily setup uptime kuma. You can then send alerts to e-mail/discord

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Thanks everyone for your responses. I have setup a cron job on the server that hosts my database.