Is it proper for CT wires to pass through same conduit as main feeds?

I’m helping with an IoTaWatt install on a house where the PV output connects to the main conductors outside of the house, in a junction box. The mains then pass through 2” conduit though the back of the junction box, through the wall, and into the breaker box directly opposite inside the house. We will be putting CTs on the PV output wires before they connect to the mains in the junction box and need to get the wires inside where the IoTaWatt will be located. Is it OK safety-wise and code-wise to run the CT wires through the same conduit as the mains? (fortunately, there’s a mains disconnect at the utility meter near the street, so everything will be powered off during installation)

Not an authority on codes, and they vary with jurisdiction. I can’t say it’s OK. Might be better to run them out the bottom of the junction box with PVC conduit and through the wall to the IoTaWatt.

Even electricians seem to be in doubt about running mixed voltages through the same conduit. I am not an electrician, but I think it would be better to run them separately.