Is the MINOR release channel considered stable?


In short: I’m also suffering this issue in HomeAssistant. A lot talk about using the new integrators.
However I don’s see this Integrator menu on my IoTaWatt, probably because he’s still on firmware 02_06_06.
I see that the MINOR channel is on 02_07_05, so I’m thinking of changing that, but I can’t find any docs or forum posts suggesting if this is a stable release channel or if it’s not meant to be used in production?

02_07_03 was released in Nov 2021 to ALPHA users. Some minor issues were found and corrected in releases 02_07_04 in late Nov early Dec when it was also released to BETA. The latest 02_07_05 was released to ALPHA and BETA in mid December and then to MINOR on Jan 3.

All new units ship with the MINOR release, so 02_07_05 has been the default release for three months. It has been vetted through the escalating auto-release chain and there are no significant issues outstanding with it.

Thanks for the confirmation, I have changed it to MINOR.