Is there more information about an input available? influxDB

I’m interested in getting the input number, type and model from an input’s measurement for InfluxDB to assign to tags. Are there some undocumented variables I can access that give this?

My use case:
For InfluxDB I prefer source measurements have their field-key be a unique but ambiguous ID (i.e. UUID or something like $device.$input) and “name” to be an alias for this device sent along as a tag (i.e. water_heater). Additionally, sending type (VT or CT) and model (AcuCT-H040-50) as a tag makes it easier to build queries by stacking tags instead of regexing fields.


Do you mean unambiguous?

It’s possible to add more variables, but I can see some problems with what you’re asking for.

The outputs to influx are scripts, developed in the calculator. Only in the most simple case do they reference a single input. Take for instance the typical split-phase installation where the Total_power is sent as the sum of the two mains CTs. How would the $input be resolved, and similarly $model?

Not interested in a solution like use the first one (which one is first when there are parenthesis in the expression?). It looks like a can of snakes. More significant than the problems implementing something like that is the convoluted documentation it would necessarily require.

I’m used to dealing with metrics at scale in a datacenter, so end devices like the iotawatt in my mind should only send raw metrics of the actual probe. I think really only amps or volts for each probe is desirable since anything else can be calculated on the reporting software (in my case Grafana). So input_1 would be appropriate in this case, or some kind of hardware UUID. Tags on that metric are what would make it findable in my queries. This model makes sure there’s only one place to add new calculations.

While it might seem like I’m over-thinking this, I’m already up to 3 iotawatts with 34 CTs and will be getting probably 4 more iotawatts in the next month or so for a 40 panel solar install so I want to push any potential for large scale changes to the system that’s easiest to make changes on.

You don’t want Watts?

This is about adding new variables to the influx uploader. I explained why the variables that you are asking for are problematic. Describing the problem again or how many units might be involved does not alter those issues. So I don’t know how to respond.

yes, watts would be better if I had to choose one measurement now that I think about it.

I just wanted to know really: are there any undocumented variables that I can tap into, I guess the rest is justification for a feature request if the answer is no :slightly_smiling_face:

The answer is no. Sorry.