Is there no physical reset button on the device?

Doesn’t that mean it’s COMPLETELY impossible to connect the device to a new wifi network if the SSIS has changed? Is the only way to get back on to spoof your old SSID? Can’t find anything else in the docs. That would be…an insane design if so.

Also, is there no way to remove the SD card without removing the case? Why is that not user accessible?

I see, it goes to AP mode for three minutes on boot if the AP isnt found.

I’d expect that to be mentioned in the docs on this page

That explains how to change wifi networks, but does not mention that.

Also, it seems the case must be opened to access the SD card. That’s unfortunate.

While anyone perusing this forum will find a lot of threads dealing with replacing a failed SDcard, That represents only a very small number of users. Most users will own an IoTaWatt for years without needing access to the SDcard. If it were to be easily accessible for removal, there would be a lot more SD associated problems.

If you have a real need to access regularly, it is close to the rear of the enclosure and you could cut a hole for external access. Unfortunately the holder is a push-pull type, so be careful to pull straight out with needle nose pliers or the like.