Isolating Iotawatt from the internet

Hey Everyone.

I have my iotawatt running now, but I would like to know whether it runs isolated from the internet.

Initially the device was installed and configured on wifi network with access restricted to de internet from a firewall. Additionally, the influx instance was running in a container on the same network segment which in our mind should work. However, we noticed that the device was not sending data to the influxdb instance.

As soon as we allowed the Iotawatt to access the internet, sincronised time with google’s NTP server and started sending data to Influx.

Now, we are wondering if it can be isolated somehow from the internet and continue working.

Thank you so much in advance.

Initially IoTaWatt needed access to a time server to set its clock. After that, it can run without internet access. However it is recommended that you provide access periodically so that it can correct any time drift, and so that it can check for and install firmware upgrades.

The Graph+ client requires that your browser have internet access to load various CDN support code, however if you search this forum you will find that some users have loaded those modules onto their IoTaWatt and have a version of Graph+ that loads from there.


Can someone recommend firewall rules that would permit periodic time sync (only) for the IoTaWatt hub? For example, what is the specific internet web address used to collect time?

I use pfsense but many routers support port forwarding. You can forward outbound requests for ntp (port 123) to your router’s ntp service if it has one. I do this for all my vlan’s that I don’t allow internet access.

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