Issue adding tags to influxdb - resolved

I had an odd occurrence a few days ago where influxdb kept timing out. Once this happened no matter what I tried it would give a 400 error. Since I did not have much data yet I just dropped the db and deleted the influx config in iotawatt. NOTE to delete the config I had to upload the index.htm since mine just did nothing.

I have re-added a few measurements and it is updating influxdb fine now, but when i try to add a tag I get this JS error.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘setAttribute’)
at influxTagAdd ((index):2334)
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick ((index):1)

I suspect this is due to the new version of the index.htm, since I did not get this before.

Edit: reference post i used to update the index.htm Unable to delete Data Uploader

These are known problems. The current ALPHA/BETA release 02_07_05 should fix all of them. Auto-update MINOR is slated to upgrade to 02_07_05 sometime next week. You can get immediate relief by switching to BETA until then.

So influxdb v1 updates stopped working last night again. Same issue in that it gets a query failed 400. Note it ran fine for about a day and a half with no changes to the system. I confirmed I can still make queries to the influxdb just fine via curl.

The above occurred with the 02_06_06 and is still occurring with 02_07_05

Adding some more info. Looks like the issue started with a HEAP issue:
12/28/21 10:05:19 historyLog: Last log entry 12/28/21 10:05:00
12/28/21 10:05:19 Updater: Auto-update is current for class MINOR.
12/28/21 10:09:41 influxDB_v1: stopped, Last post 02/06/06 01:28:16
12/28/21 10:11:49 influxDB_v1: stopped, Last post 02/06/06 01:28:16
12/28/21 10:15:45 influxDB_v1: Starting, interval:10, url:
12/28/21 10:15:45 influxDB_v1: Start posting at 12/28/21 10:15:50
12/28/21 22:04:19 WiFi disconnected.
12/28/21 22:04:23 WiFi connected. SSID=TheTank, IP=10.x.x.x, channel=6, RSSI -85d
12/29/21 2236:18 Heap memory has degraded below safe minimum, restarting.

NOTE on wifi, I have 2 unifi APs one within about 10 feet of the iotawatt and when it connects to that AP it gets a signal of about -65db, and if it connects to the one on the top floor it is in the -72 to -77 range first time I see -85 from the far AP, note not sure why it selects the worse AP so often.

The heap degrade would be caused by the poor WiFi connection.

Any ideas on the 400 and how to get influx uploaded to start working again?

My config for influxdb:

Based on this thread i made a few changes InfluxDB upload fails (code 400) after working fine for a few hours - resolved - #7 by Kahrax

I sized down all of my long device names in influx. That did not seem to resolve the query 400 error. I then removed the tag “name: $name” since it was redundant. That seemed to get it working again.

Yes, name is an influx keyword. They should be avoided.

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