Issue: Wifi has to be set everyday? - resolved

The device works as expected once connected to the wifi. But after using it from 4 days it seems that all the configurations are saved in the device except the wifi. When I switch off the whole setup in evening and then switch it on in the morning, I have to configure the wifi of the device every day.

Can you please help if the device has any other configuration that I have to set so that it remembers the wifi configuration?

5he WiFi configuration is saved.

So you are switching it off each night and back on in the morning? Are you also switching your WiFi router off and back on at the same time? If so, the IoTaWatt may be coming up faster than the router and not connecting. Can you try switching on the router first and waiting until it is available before switching on the IoTaWatt?

If that does not resolve your problem, please post the message log so I can see what is going on.

Okay, working for me.

Thank you