Issue with random authentication requests

Hello all,
Just bought a new unit and installed it. I assume it is running the latest version, as it have minor updates flagged.

After connecting it, I can access iotawatt.local panel for about a minute
and then after a minute or so, I’m starting to get request to authenticate to the panel:

I can’t see anything unique in the logs:

And I’ve checked the SD Card and there is no Auth.txt file on the card.

Anyone have ever seen this issue or has suggestions on how to debug to resolve?

Thank you,

This doesn’t appear to be anything coming from IoTaWatt. The screenshot appears to be a phone. It is showing both cellular and WiFi connections. The IoTaWatt can only be accessed al iotawatt.local via the WiFi connection. Is it possible that after that minute, a request is going out on the cellular link?

The message indicates that it is rendered by something called a Web Smart Server. I suspect that has something to do with the problem. What happens when you try to access via an ordinary computer with browser?

overeasy - thank you for helping out. I identified the issue and as you pointed out it’s actually with the router. For whatever reason it assigns the same IP address to the Iotawat and another device on my network. I’ll try to figure it out on the router side, but it is unrelated to the Iotawat.