Just a brief props on IoTaWatt 👍

Not really a “Case Study” per se, but I just wanted to give props on the IoTaWatt.

I ordered mine in late December, got it mid January (shipping to Aus, probably wasn’t the best time of year to do it hey?). Had it installed in a compartment in the wall behind my switchboard in my apartment, worked perfectly from the moment I switched it on!
I’m running 7 CTs and a single VT for a single phase system. It’s nothing super complex, but it has massively expanded my understanding of the power usage in my home. I can now look at the readouts and identify “that’s the xbox downloading a midnight update, that’s the freezer turning water to ice cubes, that’s my mail server getting prodded by a spambot”.
While that sounds less useful than it is, I now know what the power usage looks like for everything working normally, and I may not have a awesome story of it immediately showing me something was wrong and helping me identify a faulty power waster, if something does fail quietly, I should be able to tell very quickly and be able to address it early, and avoid a shock bill from overuse of power from something dying :slight_smile:

Very satisfied even without anything yet groundbreaking.

Great support in figuring out what I needed here on the forum, as well as once I had it set up, great documentation for getting some more advanced stuff working such as InfluxDB export.

The build quality of the IoTaWatt itself is solid, very professional. The sparkies who were here to install it (among other things) also were impressed with it, both from size of it for the number of measurements it could take, but also the info popping out the other end from the moment we turned it on. You might have nabbed some extra customers outta them :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been lurking through the forums just reading up on using it all ever since, and it’s been a good community to see in action too, everyone happy to help each other, and Overeasy is never far away to help people get them going and figure out the intricacies they may have found in a setup.

All up, wish more major companies and manufacturers could make as solid a product with as solid support and community around them, as what is to be found here by anyone thinking of becoming an IoTaWatt owner :slight_smile:


Agreed as well on all the points: build quality, ease of use, useful metrics, forum support… :+1:

@Tony could you perhaps point to some of the InfluxDB doc you ran across that was helpful? I am interested in doing that as well.


Appreciate the positive comments. Reviews in the store are helpful.