Keen on purchasing the IoTaWatt, but


I’m writing on behalf of an energy management/consulting company. We use IoT tech. to identify energy saving opportunities for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

I’m keen on trying the IoTaWatt product - looks greats, the cost seems reasonable and I love the fact that there’s no data loss.

However, we’ll require that the data be sent to our servers (we have an online portal/dashboard that displays energy consumption data), and we’re hoping you could helps us with that? Let me know and I’ll be happy to divulge more details.

Looking forward to your reply.

Probably not going to provide a custom uploader for any type of proprietary interface. If you use an open source database it’s possible to add an uploader for that.

The product is open source and the heavy lifting for new uploaders has been done with the uploader base class. Also, work would be required to maintain the configuration for any new uploader.

Apologies if I come across as noobish (I’m not an IoT engg. nor am I a programmer/developer).

What exactly is the uploader base class? Does it help send IoTWatt data to a server/interface that’s open source? If so, are there any tutorials/faqs on how to go about using it?


It’s a c++ class. A programmer would know what that is. There are no tutorials.

Thanks for getting back.

Another quick question : Does IoTaWatt measure/display current and voltage hamonics as well, for 3phase applications?

IoTaWatt can measure power, voltage and current for three-phase applications. It does measure harmonics.