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I didn’t realize it costed more. Makes sense. I’ve never had custom circuit boards built at scale. Only like 5-10 at a time. Hardware is just a long time hobby of mine, not a profession. I would still prefer the esp on a pin header for development and testing purposes but I’ll still buy it either way. It’s a good product at a fair price. No complaints here.

Hi Bob,

Hopefully this isn’t a rude suggestion, but if wanting to get back to more of the programming side of things. Would looking to see if a company like Kincony would be willing to work out how to get ESP32 + SD Card + WiFi / Ethernet and all your requirements made up into a board and case, that people can order from them be an idea?
They have some fairly robust offerings based on ESP32’s with WiFi / Ethernet / RS485 / heaps of inputs (and relays etc also depending on model). A group of friends has recently purchased these for instance:

( the bigger options for 64 and 128 ports where a bit too big for home I thought) :wink:

and found they are quite good quality and they also make cases for their boards to allow mounting them directly onto DIN rails.

Wondering if this might be an option, that would remove the worry and cost of hardware design, certification, support etc and instead allow more time on the software side and moving to offering a license for people to purchase your software, and then flash IoTaWatt on an ‘approved 3rd party manufactured’ ESP32 board?

Thanks for the interest. I have a working board and case (except no ethernet which cannot be done with the remaining pins). It’s really about the firmware.

:+1:t3: just bouncing ideas :slight_smile:

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Hey, Bob

When is the ESP32 version gonna be available (Schematic and Firmware) @ GH?