Latest tables.txt file with AccuCT 400A and 600A

The Stuff store now has 400A and 600A CTs (36mm opening) and have shipped some orders with them. The tables.txt file in the latest general release (02_05_09) does not have entries for them, but it’s a simple matter to update if you need to configure them.

To download and install:

  1. Click this link to the latest tables.txt file on Github.

  2. Right click on the “Raw” button in the upper left and select “Save link as…” or “Download” - whatever your browser’s download option is. Save it as tables.txt.

  3. Run the file manager on your IoTaWatt (Tools/File Manager).

  4. In the upper left, select “Browse” and use your browser’s file manager to locate the saved tables.txt file. Select it and “open”.

  5. In the file manager, select “Upload”

The new tables.txt file should now be installed. Return to the config app and refresh your browser window. The new CTs should be listed in CT models. They are:


The next release will include these, so no further action is needed.

Thanks! Just what I was looking for. Installs fine.

I’m on MAJOR release and don’t yet have these (Mar 21).