LED blink (RG(hold)RGG) ~10s network connection reset


Currently if you wait ~5 minutes the device changes from the red blink, green hold, red blink, green blink, green blink to the standard red, red, green, but when you connect to the AP and give the credentials, it just goes back to the long sequence described above (RGRGG). (yes I am sure this the sequence)

iotamsgs.txt (247.9 KB)
Attached is the log from the device. Hopefully I am just missing something obvious, but I do not know what else to try or troubleshoot. The logs seem to show that it never really connected and I don’t think it ever got connection to the RTC.

I’ve spent the day trying to trouble shoot the connection of a system I bought. Setup was going well until the device accepted the wifi credentials but would not get past the connection step.

I first noticed I didn’t have separate wifi bands at 2.4 and 5.0, so I split those with different names. I then reset the router, modem, etc and re-did the initial setup for wifi.

After that the LED indicated the SD was bad ( I opened it up and it was a bunch of garbled files and special characters, so I copied the files from repository and reinserted the card.)

I was able to get the device to connect to my 2.4 Network and access my iotawatt.local but it would only stay connected for 10 seconds before dropping off. I assigned it a static IP and as a last ditch dropped my firewalls briefly to see if anything was happening there.

Do you have the AC reference transformer connected and plugged in?

Yes the AC reference is plugged in. I assumed that it is working, but can probe it tonight to see if its functioning correctly. I can also confirm it acts the same with it unplugged.

Just probed the AC reference and got 11VAC from the supply, and 11VAC through the barrel jack on the board.

I’ve sent you a private message.