LED sequence: Red Green Red

Hello Bob,

Around 09:00 on 04/01/24 I noticed that the IoTaWatt display appeared to have frozen with the latest update occurring at 18:45 the previous evening.

On the odd occasion in the past when the IoTaWatt unit has frozen, a restart has usually fixed the problem, but on this occasion the problem was not resolved. A Visit to the IoTaWatt unit found a LED sequence of ‘Red Green Red’.

Hoping to find a solution, I visited community.iotawatt.com and searched for ‘Red Green Red’. I did find one topic mentioning the removal of the connector for the AC supply whilst keeping the IoTaWatt operational had cured an issue. So I tried disconnecting the AC supply connector for a short period and the LED changed to the normal pulsating green.

That said, I’m puzzled why recorded data in Emoncms is available from 18:45 on 03/01/2024 onwards, except for a portion of missing data from 07:20 to 09:20 on the 04/01/2024.

I tried reloading the data into Emoncms from 03/01/2024 but the graph shows the same period of missing data.

The IoTaWatt also uploads data to PVoutput, and when this is examined the data record is also incomplete.

Copy of the Message Log.
Message Log.txt (9.5 KB)

I am hoping you can make sense of what has happened and let me know if I need to do anything to avoid the same issue happening again.


You can find the LED codes explained in the docs. Your RGR code indicates that the current log became damaged. It was deleted and a new one created on Jan 4, 2024 at 9:07am. All uploads come from the current log, so subsequently you would be unable to upload to emoncms or influxdb before that time.

This may be an indication that your SDcard is failing, but you seem to be running OK with the new log and the old history log which has 1 minute data and can service most queries of days past.

I notice that you are on MAJOR update, which is a pretty old release. Since then, the unit has been made more robust with respect to removal of the AC reference. Its time I auto update all the MAJOR users to 02_08_03 and I will do so soon.

Thank you for explaining what had happened and the warning that the SDcard may be failing.

Thankfully, there have been no further issues since the restart on 04/01/2024 and the auto update to firmware version 02_08_03 was without incident.

The unit has provided data since October 2017 and it is on its third SDcard. The last replacement occurred about 8 months ago when an 8GB Sandisk Ultra card died suddenly. As you recommend using an Industrial SDHC card, I have ordered one which will be put to use as soon as it arrives.

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