List of pretested CTs & Recommendations

Hi All,

I have just purchased my 2nd IotaWatt after having to leave my first behind at a house I sold a couple of years ago (at the insistance of the buyer). I have purchased from SmartGuys here in Australia but noted they had no stock of any 50A CTs so decided to perhaps source my own from AliExpress.

Does anyone have the exhaustive list of the preconfigured/tested CTs in IotaWatt? I noted I can get the SCT013-000 (100A:50mA) from Ali for <$10AUD each delivered at the moment and was contimplating just using these on all of my circuits as I understand that at the resolution that matters running the 100A on a 50A or even 20A circuit isnt a big deal.

The other alternative was getting a combo of ECS1050 for 50A and ECS16100 for 100A for around $18AUD delivered which I understand are highly recommended.

My house is 240V 3 phase, 80A main breaker all other circuits are 50A RCDs. I have solar an old solar system on 2 phases but looking to upgrade that to probably a new 3-phase Fronius Symo based system. The previous owner who built the place was an electrician who worked for an energy wholesaler and everything is over engineered and very clean (unlike my last house).;

Would love to hear other peoples thoughts.



The CTs that have parametric entries in the IoTaWatt tables can be viewed in the tables.txt file. You are interested in the CTs - type: C.

tables.txt (5.6 KB)

The SCT013 100A:50mA should work fine for you. The echun are a little smaller and have better specs IMO but probably not that significant.

Be wary that there are SCT013 clones out there that are reputed to work badly. I have never had trouble but I have never had any problems with the genuine YHDC models.

Much appreciated