Login and password screen has me stumped too

like another recent user I just got/“deployed” iotawatt, and eagerly configured passwords for both Admin and User, different ones. There were no confirmation dialog to verify that whatever I entered is what I think I entered, but I am quite positive (95% confidence) that I remember both correctly. But neither the one for “admin” nor for “user” works, nor swapping between admin or user (if e.g. I swapped them while entering). Not sure what is going on, might be mental (those 5%) but highly unlikely it is the only factor.

ok, powered down, took apart, pooled SD, removed that auth.txt, booted, entered exactly the same (took a screenshot just in case ;-)) ) - seems to work for admin. I guess I did have a typo. Might be nice to adhere to common practice of asking to enter credentials twice

edit: checked auth.txt – indeed first half (I guess admin’s digest) is different – still don’t believe I made a typo in that password