Losing WiFi credentials

I have two IoTaWatts in my main panel. One of the IoTaWatts is intermittently disconnecting from my local WiFi network. To reconnect to the WiFi network I must power cycle the disconnected IoTaWatt. Once the power is cycled, the IoTaWatt SSID becomes visible, I then connect directly to the device and follow the steps to ‘Configure WiFi’. Once the local WiFi network credentials are entered correctly the device will work again for a while. Eventually the device disconnects again and this process must be repeated (sometimes after weeks).

No changes have ever been made to the local WiFi configuration other than very occasional eero firmware updates. FYI my home network is composed of multiple eero Pro 6 access points.

I’ve attached the message log for reference.

iotamsgs.txt (9.7 KB)

You state there are two IoTaWatt in the main panel.Are you saying they are actually inside the steel load center?

Are they both inside the same panel?

Sorry, ‘monitoring’ my main panel not inside panel but directly next to each other in a large junction box adjacent to the panel put there for the purpose of housing the iottawatts. FYI the wifi router is few feet away. The issue only happens with one of the two iotawatts.

And is that junction box metallic? How about a picture?

Yes it is a steel enclosure box that both units are sandwiched inside. I’m not onsite so I don’t have photos.

The WiFi connection is very solid and the unit continues to monitor and log the circuits after it drops WiFi.

Why would the enclosure impact the WiFi configuration settings for one of the iottawatts?

IO don’t think it’s impacting the WiFi setting. I think it is just not able to connect, and so it restarts every hour to try to reset. When you power cycle, it recognizes that it can’t connect and raises the AP so that you can configure a new network. They really should be in a non-metallic enclosure.