Lost all my Inputs in status window

I seem to have lost all inputs in my status window after device lockup that I noticed 2 days later, I have still got the setup inputs page with all 14 inputs listed, also in the statistics window the Hz is showing 55 which I know is wrong and also I have no history logs, this Iotawatt has been running for many years without fault any ideas what might have happened?, or is it just a failed SD card?

2022-04-19 (21)

What is the status of the led and can you display the message log?

this morning the status of the LED is a flashing green, red, red, green
On logging in now I am getting a error on trying to login on the home page of “Not found: GET, URI: /”
Now have done a reboot and the LED is flashing green, red, red and can’t connect with This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
after a a few mins it is now bring up in chrome “Not found: GET, URI: /” and the status of the LED is a flashing green, red, red, green

Sounds like the SDcard. You can replace it with an 8GB or larger (max 32GB) card. Level 4 or 10 is OK. Formatted FAT32 (most new cards are formatted FAT32).

Please follow these instructions in removing the card.

If you are able to copy your card contents from the old, you can try just rebuilding from that. If you cannot read the old card, this post explains how to build a new card.

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By the troubleshooting it looks like “The config.txt file format is invalid” ?

I think that is unlikely, but possible. If you didn’t get the GRR then the not found / I would say maybe, but I’ve seen a couple of these lately with vintage units > 2+ years in service.

You can remove the SDcard and check it with JSONLint. The rebuild link above explains how to find a copy of your latest config in the ESP8266 SPIFFS file system. There should also be a copy of last good config before your current at config-1.txt.

I will buy a new card when I am back in town in a few days, it’s been in the device a long time thanks for the help, it’s been reading and writing for more then 4 years.

I made significant changes in the last two years that significantly reduces writes. So while some older cards may have suffered prior excessive wear, I am optimistic that a new card will have significantly more life.

I just found a used 32gb card and reformat it grabbed the files from github and yesterday I saved the config file while it was giving me trouble and swapped it the config file over, all seems to be working like a charm now