Lost login information


I lost the address to be able to log in to the device. I know the IP address but when I go there got this info:

{“message”:“Not Found”,“error”:{}}

There is any way to get access to my device or need to reset the device?

Thank you


That’s not a response from IoTaWatt. If you can check that IP address it would be the easiest way to get access.

When you say you lost the address, are you saying that you changed the device name from iotawatt to something else?

You’re right. I have the wrong name on my device’s network list for this device. I found the device and have access. Sorry… :slight_smile:
I’m using now Emoncms App, but when I log in to their account it shows me that I have $40 balance and need to pay for that. This App is nothing special. There is any other App for iPhone that you recommended?
Thank you

The IoTaWatt app and graph+ will work on a phone if you provide port forwarding on your router. Use a password on the Wan for security.

If you just want to see consumption and solar generation, PVoutput has a phone app.