Maintain continous ground

When running HDMI cables from a keep alive-panel, is it advantageous to maintain a continuous ground from the CT’s: 3-connection CT male jack (assuming the cable is shielded), to MP3 female connectors wired the HDMI made-up female connector to cable back to the main installation with the reverse arrangement leading to the male plug into the base? Should I bond the CT’s in the keep-alive panel to the CB panel ground? I believe sub-panels float the ground back to the main panel where the required two ground rods six feet apart. That being true, the running the HDMI in hard conduit should not be necessary, except for physical protection. Running the HDMI cable by noise sources, like florescent lights, high current conductors, motors, et al, is protected by the continuous ground. And of course running the HDMI at 90-degrees is always better than in parallel. Are my expectations accurate?

The CTs only use the tip and sleeve of the stereo jack. There is no connected ground. I’m not familiar with how to connect through HDMI. Seems to me that would be more costly than simply using headphone extensions.

Before anything up to 25 feet, I’d give headphone extensions a try. If you have a longer run, I think going to CAT6 twisted pair is a good choice.

BTW, I’m not an electrician, so not technically qualified to advise on grounding, but my understanding of the bonding conventions of entrance panels vs branch panels has to do with insuring that current loops are not established through the earth bonds, potentially causing inductive hearing of the metal boxes.