Math is not adding up

I have run into a math issue. I have a “Misc” output that is supposed to provide the total unmetered consumption as described in the documentation. I am frequently seeing large negative values in there. My home consumption matches what I see in the Tesla app. “Solar” represents solar+powerwall with negative values meaning powerwall charging.

Inputs setup:

Outputs setup:

Here is an example with my dishwasher running. It is on a single 120V/20A breaker so it is strange to see it show 2.8KW consumption.

Here is another example with the furnace running on 120V/20A breaker.

Solved. It was staring at me all this time. I used wrong CT type for my circuits. I am using 50A CTs for my circuits (except solar) but configured as 100A by mistake. All is good now.

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