Micro SD is replaced with a chip

Is it possible if your micro SD is replaced with a chip that can store your local web and data logger? because in the field the case is that micro SDs cause rust, especially iotawatts when placed in damp industries

Thank You

Rust hasn’t been a big problem. As far as I know, the card doesn’t have any exposed ferrous surfaces. I suppose the card holder could rust, but why wouldn’t the USB plug and CT/VT jacks?

As far as I know, there is no scalable replacement for flash memory as used in SDcards. My sense is that it would make the IoTaWatt a brick if/when the SDcard fails, unless you wanted to solder in a new chip. Then there is the problem of loading the necessary files onto it.

Most SDcards have wear leveling as well, however they don’t support a file system as suggested in the link. I have to wonder if it’s FAT32 or something else like EXFAT or NTFS, or even a Linux file system. In any event, it would require new drivers to use with ESP8266 if it does anything different than act just like an SDcard.