Mixed circuits on solar subpanel - RESOLVED

Hi all. I just got my IoTaWatt device, and am looking forward to joining the community!

I have a question…

Here is the scenario: I have two 100A CTs on the mains for a sub-panel that I have. This sub-panel aggregates multiple solar circuits (energy production), but I also have a circuit on that sub-panel which draws energy (energy consumption). Specifically that consumption circuit is a double pole circuit dedicated to EV charging. I usually charge at night after solar production stops, but in emergencies I also charge in the day.

Should I “Allow negative power value” when configuring the two CT inputs for the solar sub-panel mains?


I don’t know what you are trying to measure, but it sounds like power can go into the sub-panel at night during EV charge, and out of the sub-panel while the PV is producing. So I think yes, you should allow negative values.

Thanks, I did as you suggested. I have a new question that I will ask about in another post