Monitoring solar generation, usage and feed back to grid


I have stumbled across IotaWatt trying to find a good way to monitor my electricity usage and generation with a solar system. I have been using Home Assistant for years and this seems like the perfect addition to complement the data I have. I have a query about how best to install and where to locate IotaWatt.

On the outside of my garage I have the solar inverter, the main 200A breaker, and a couple of other breakers, one of which seems to supply the pool area (pump, heater, etc.)
On the inside of the garage I have the panel with all the other breakers for the house.

I presume I should locate IotaWatt inside the garage next to the main panel and monitor most of the house circuits, but I’m not too clear on monitoring the solar and the main supply (or feed). I guess I’ll have to drill through the wall (or try to use an existing hole behind the panel, to feed some CTs through to the outside? And there I guess I’ll monitor the pool circuit, the solar input, and the main grid feed which could go negative if I’m supplying power? Do I have the right idea?


Yes. Sounds like you would have 3+ CTs outside so you might consider installing a conduit from the outside box through the wall to the inside.

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