Monitoring the Entire Circuit Control Panel

I got my first Iotawatt to monitor usage in my shop. It is up and running and monitors several individual circuits. I am going to install another in my house and want to just monitor the entire home. We have solar panels now w/net meter, so longer get total usage numbers from the utility company. It is a 120/240 system. From reading in the documents, I think I just put two VTs on the input mains to the panel, as I did in the shop. Then do I just put two CTs (reversed from each other) on the mains as well?
Thank you.
Dick in MT

Two CTs on the mains will measure the mains, but if you have a solar feed into the panel, you don’t get your actual usage vs grid vs generation. To get that you would probably also want to add a CT to the solar feed.

Thanks. That was the answer I needed. I will put the 2 CTs on the mains. The solar is separate and I use SolarEdge to monitor that.