Monitoring WIFI RSSI

I am having occasional disconnection and reconnection of WIFI. Is there any way to monitor RSSI without cycling power and looking at the log? I am a long term Unix/Linux user who is currently working with Raspberry Pis.

Not right now, but that would be handy. I just added a wifi keyword to the status request to return SSID, IP, channel and RSSI. Before I merge it, I’ll add the time of last connect which will require a little more code to keep track.

With this, you could issue a status request to get RSSI:


I’ll put this into the next maintenance release, but that may be awhile coming out.

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Finished this up to be included in next release:


Thank you Bob. I see those features in the latest release. It will be useful. MY installation is hanging in there at -88 and I have been considering a WIFI extender

Oh, very cool feature, thank you!