Move "saved graphs" to the top of the sidebar in Graph+

In the new Graph+ I have created a few saved graphs.

One has a voltage source, and so when this graph is selected the “Volts” unit is also selected automatically. I have only one voltage source, so the list is very short and the saved graphs dropdown is accessible near the top of the page.

Another saved graph has no voltage source, and so the “Watts” unit is selected automatically. I have many power sources (12 inputs, 9 outputs). This pushes the saved graphs dropdown way down, usually completely off the screen, as I switch between graphs.

I often want to check several of my saved graphs when I am reviewing performance. So I’d like to be able to quickly cycle through my saved graphs.

One way this could be made easier would be to move the saved graphs dropdown, which is fairly static in size, to the top of the sidebar (above “units”).

To make it even easier to quickly cycle through saved graphs, we could get rid of the dropdown list entirely which takes 1 click to show the list and another to select an option, and just show a list of direct links to all saved graphs.