Multi-panel residential installation

After looking at a number of monitoring solutions, I’ve decided to pull the trigger on IoTaWatt. I have a fairly large residential installation:

3 circuit panels in the house with 40 circuits per panel + two more panels in the garages (note: don’t hire an electrician for T&M :slight_smile:). I’m interested in determining the primary source of consumption (power bill is $300-$350/month) to see if there is anything I can do to reduce it.

To keep costs down, I’m thinking I’ll install one base unit with 2@200A current transformers for each of the mains in all 3 panels. Then I can install 2@100A CTs for my 60A heat pump and then the remaining 6 inputs can be applied to 1 water pump + 3 water heaters + 2@2nd 50A heat pump.

Since the heat pumps include both the compressor and blower, I thought I’d put a CT on each leg in case the load isn’t symmetric. If they turn out to be, I can re-purpose the extra CTs for other circuits.

This should allow me to track my total power usage (ignoring the garages) and my suspected high loads. If things work out well, I’d like to add more circuits (we have multiple refrigerator/freezers I’d like to measure for example) but I suspect I’ll need another base unit when that happens.

I’ve tried to order these parts but the store will only allow me to add 3 ‘Mains Current Transformers’ with my ‘North America Bundle’.

  1. does my logic for what to monitor make sense (esp monitoring 3 panels with one base unit)
  2. is there any way for me to add the 6 CTs I need to monitor the mains to my order?



The NA bundle allows up to 3 mains CTs (200A or 100A). It also allows up to two additional 100A CTs and up to 12 50A CTs. These are discounted 20% in the bundle. You can add additional CTs to the order at list price using the CT category.

Your approach sounds reasonable. There’s a good chance that the heat-pumps will prove to be “symmetric”.

Thanks, order placed with the additional CTs as you suggested.