Multiple Web Services

Hi Bob,
I’m wondering if it is (or might be in the future) possible to send data to multiple web services?
For my EmonTXs, I have EmonHub configured to log to both (for cloud data backup), and a local emoncms (for normal graphing). I’m also rather curious about InfluxDB - I saw the IoTaWatt config for it, but I’m not sure I want to commit my data to just there (for the moment)!
Maybe something that needs to wait for asynchronous logging?
P.S. Love the device, thanks for all the hard work!

It’s definitely possible, but you guessed it, need to get the asynch HTTP working so it doesn’t slow the sampling down. The plan now is to allow any number of external servers, and to expand to include stuff like MQTT as well. I’m hoping to get the async HTTP into the code over the next few weeks, and then see the demand.

There are a few influxDB users now, and I guess it’s working fine. I don’t have a test instance right now.

From my perspective, what you have with the TX going to the Pi and then on to Emoncms is the same thing as using the IoTaWatt with Emoncms. The IoTaWatt keeps all of the data local and will serve it up on the local LAN or via a VPN or Port forwarding portal from the internet.

@overeasy which port forwarding port should i use to allow me to access IotaWatt UI when im not at home?

I would strongly recommend against forwarding a port on your home router to your IoTaWatt. Letting hackers attack your IoTaWatt is probably not going to end well…

Instead, set up a local OpenVPN server on your home router or a Raspberry Pi. This would be much more secure.

understood, thanks @ogiewon

just for my own curiosity, does the iotawatt use a specific port, so i need to enable that specific port and ip address of the iotawatt for port forwarding?

do you know which port is used by iotawatt?

IoTaWatt uses the standard port 80 for the HTTP server. I agree with @ogiewon that a VPN would be more secure. IoTaWatt does not support HTTPS but it does support digest authentication if turned on (set passwords).