Multiple wires through CT clamp


My house just got upgraded today to 3 phase (Australia).

Due to current setup, and available space i will have to run multiple wires through a CT clamp if I want to measure the usage per phase.

All wires per CT clamp will of course be on the same phase, and the current always be in the same direction for all.

Will that be problem?

Shouldn’t be. Sounds like you know the ground rules. The devil is in the details, so just make sure to keep the phases separate.

Reason it’s a pain is that i don’t want to measure at the main. I want to measure my usage outside the solar feed (2 systems)

I could probably do it with an extra two clamps, and set the iota to add the two clamps together)
But it’s too late now. And space woupd be an issue to fit two more clamps.

Which size CT clamps did you use? My setup looks similar to yours - 3 phase on C63 breakers. I ordered the 50A 10mm clamps and haven’t had my electrician try the install yet. I’m wondering if these are going to fit or if I should have gotten the next size up clamps.