My SD Card died

I was able to recover the config.txt as once in a few dozen times the PC could read the card. However, I am unable to update the config on the new card. Now that I’ve installed the new SD card it seems that I cannot delete, upload/overwrite, edit, save or do ANYTHING to modify the config.txt unless I use the web UI.

Is the ONLY way to change the config.txt directly to take out the SD card and do so on a computer?

If I try to use the ACE editor I get this when trying to save ERROR[403]:

This post describes how to recover your config file and how to upload it to a new card.

I did all that but my problem surfaced when I wanted to edit the config.txt. Turned out it was impossible. Cannot recover an existing config unless you remove the card and copy it.

Well, yes you can, but removing the card isn’t that hard and if it works for you….