Need help on purchase

I’m looking to buy and need help with which clamps to buy. Was sent here and told Bob could assist me.

Here is a picture of my panel.

I heat with natural gas and have a natural gas water heater. In the near future I’ll be remodeling my kitchen with new appliances and my stove/oven will also be natural gas.

I’m interested in monitoring the following:

  • whole home mains (150a service)
  • refrigerator (or the outlets that it’s plugged into from the panel)
  • Outside AC air handler and inside furnace
  • 3 separate 20a breakers that run a saltwater aquarium
  • electric dryer

How many extra clamps would be left over that I’d still be able to add in the future?



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Hi Jason,

This is a pretty straightforward and clean service.

You would need

2x200A CTs for the mains.
2x50A CTs for the outside AC
2x50A CTs for the dryer
2x50A CTs for the range if you want to measure that.
1x50A CT for all additional circuits that you want to measure.

It’s possible to use one CT for a 240V circuit if it is a two-wire circuit or, if you can pass both hot conductors through a single CT in opposite directions. This is covered in the documentation here.

There are a total of 14 inputs for CTs, so that would be the maximum that you can configure under ordinary circumstances.

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Thanks I just ordered.

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You guys should really consider a more reliable source of shipping beyond USPS. It’s been 10 days and I still do not have my order and as far as I can tell it’s still stuck in MA. I’m in PA and it should have been here by now. It took a week just to leave the local facility in NH.

IMO the USPS is the best value and under ordinary circumstances is extremely reliable. These are not ordinary times.

I’m confident that priority mail service will return to scheduled delivery times after the holidays, and certainly when this Covid wave subsides.

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I know, just frustrating. Lol. I’m an eager beaver!